MakersLoft’s ‘Tinkering Fundamentals’ course aims to help children develop hands-on skills that are quintessential in everyday life but are not covered under formal education. You can also call these ‘life skills’ that makes an independent and well-rounded person.

The course includes knowledge of everyday materials like wood, metal, plastic, textiles and how to make things using these. It also includes usage of commonly available technologies like smartphones and computer to express oneself. Every module includes a project that requires to either make something new or repair an old item. It is a one-year, self-paced, certificate course with 100 hours/credits of training. Students shall get additional 10 hours practice time at MakersLoft.

DURATION & TIMING Saturday & Sundays during school. Weekdays during vacation.

  • 11-1pm: 7yrs to pre-teens
  • 2-4pm: Teens and above

COURSE FEE Rs 34,500/year. Material costs additional based on projects selected by student. Click here to pay online and register

VENUE MakersLoft, 22 Ballygunge Park Road, Himadri Apt, West Wing, Kolkata 700019. Call+91-8335075374 or email inbox@kolkatamaker.spac

COURSE MODULES Choose modules to total at 100 credits

  • WOOD WORKING   20 credits
    Types of wood and its uses. Cutting, joining, finishing
  • SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS   10 credits
    To develop a deeper understanding of Science as it relates to the world around us through hands-on learning. Kitchen chemistry, how do submarines work, sound, plant germination and many more age-appropriate science experiments

  • TEXTILES   20 credits
    Sewing, cutting, adding buttons, knitting. Natural Dyeing & Printing
  • PRESENTATION & STORY TELLING    20 credits. Choose any one                                                
    • Video Games & Animation: Using Scratch software from MIT
    • Video Making: Basic filming & editing
    • Computer presentations: Making presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
    Understanding the basics of everyday electricals and electronics. Skillful use of everyday gadgets, using manuals. Basic repairs everyone should know.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY   10 credits
    Basic photography, lighting, skillful use of camera & editing software or apps
  • WEB CONTENT   30 credits
    Make your own website / blog / app
  • 3D DESIGNING & PRINTING    30 credits
    How to create your ideas into 3D designs and bring them to life using a 3D printer

    What is 3D Printing? Watch a short video Bengali version | Hindi version
  • LASER CUTTING    20 credits
    How to cut with high quality finish using 2D digital drawings. Use to make models, signages, household and office items, packaging, gifts and accessories
    What is Laser Cutting? Watch a short video Bengali version
    How to share documents and work collaboratively with people across the world using Google Docs