What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a learning method that develops a student’s creative confidence and resilience that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of 21st century. It is a structured process that is used by the biggest inventors and innovative companies in the world.

Why must you learn it?

Most educational systems were founded in a time when “learning” meant “rote memorization.” Today, however, we live in a fast changing world in which success demands creativity and innovation instead. Unfortunately, most schools today do not focus on developing either.

Design Thinking prepares students to start thinking like problem solvers and realize that they have power to change the world. It starts with ’empathy’ an important skill that promotes emotional literacy in a student and brings lifelong benefits. Students learn to work with others and to see failure as a part of learning experience.

About the workshop

In this 5-day workshop students will learn Design Thinking through a hands-on project. They will plan for a new city “City-X” on a new planet. Each student will be presented with an issue faced by a fictional character in City X, and they must invent, design, and prototype something that solves their character’s problem using 3D Designing & 3D Printing. The issues faced by the citizens of City X are representative of real-world social issues that we face here on Earth. Students will design objects using their own imagination and bring it to life using 3D Printing.

This workshop uses Design Thinking toolkit by Stanford Design School and IDEO (one of the largest design companies in the world).

// DATE January 9-13, 2017

// TIMING 1-3pm for 12-18 yr olds

// COURSE FEE Rs 6500/- Pay by cheque at Intellitots or online at this link
Students shall get certificate upon successful completion of the course.


// CONTACT: Call+91-8335075374 or email info@makersloft.in

// VENUE Intellitots, G Block, Sushant Lok-2, Sector 57, Off Golf Course Extension Road, Gurgaon