“MakersLoft is a one of its kind innovation space for the city of Kolkata. What i simply love about MakersLoft is its diverse set of activities which is versatile enough for every age group. The makerspace in Ballygunge is an Invention Hub for budding entrepreneurs and creation space for art lovers.

MakersLoft is doing a brilliant job in unlocking the creative streak of the citizen of Kolkata. Youth has tremendous potential to build products and ideas to fulfil their entrepreneurial ambition. I had a chance to explore the makerspace and it was by far the most adventurous places I have ever visited.” – Siddharth Agarwal, President, AIESEC, Kolkata

IMG_5579“MakersLoft has provided an opportunity for creative minds to give shape to their imagination. It is a place where everyone should, at least once, go to explore their creative side. This facility is not just for children but for many who want to be entrepreneurs can use (many are already using) such a facility for prototype modelling. Being an entrepreneur, Meghna is also instrumental in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kolkata and regularly organise meetings, workshops etc.  I sincerely thank Meghna for establishing such facility in Kolkata, it is a much needed facility for children and young people to harness their creativity, but also contributes a lot towards harnessing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kolkata.”- Saumyajit Guha, COO, Calcutta Angels Network

SDM“Makers Loft radiates a different kind of energy. If you are a tinkerer by nature and you are not allowed to deconstruct things at home, then Makers Loft is the place for you. You may take a robot apart and put it back piece by piece  or you may take an old tape recorder apart and salvage the parts that are still working or you may take apart the grandfather clock that refuses to keep time and put the gears to some other use. If you are stuck, there will be some others to help you.If gears and wheels are not your cup of tea, you may simply spend hours creating pottery with lumps of clay or making jewelry with scraps of cloth or create your own installation with broken chairs.Makers Loft is a place where you can be ‘hands on’ without any inhibitions.” – Subha Das Mollick, Media teacher and Documentary Filmmaker, previously head of the Film Studies and Mass Communication Department at the St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

“I have actually been part of the MakersLoft Facebook community… have seen how it has organically grown…. I really felt that this community is like a prototype for how real change can happen.”- Anindita Sen, Researcher, Religious a Brands, in context of study on Homosociality, a study of how humans bond