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Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)

The Minnesota Family Investment 投資英文 Program, or MFIP, is the state's welfare reform program for low-income families with children. MFIP helps families move to work.

Program info

The Minnesota 投資英文 Family Investment Program (MFIP) helps families with children meet their basic needs, while helping parents move to financial stability through work. Parents are expected to work, and are supported in working with both cash and food assistance. Most families have a lifetime limit of 60 months on MFIP.

When families first apply for cash assistance, they usually start in the Diversionary Work Program (DWP). It is a four-month program that helps parents go to work right away rather than enroll in MFIP.


MFIP is for families with children and pregnant women. To qualify, your family must:

  • Meet an initial income test
  • Meet an initial asset limit of $10,000
  • Provide needed verifications.

Asset and vehicle limits

  • You may own up to $10,000 in assets and qualify for MFIP. Your worker 投資英文 投資英文 can tell you what property is counted toward the limit.
  • We do not count one vehicle per member of the assistance unit who is 16 years old or older. We do count additional vehicles as 投資英文 part of the $10,000 asset limit. Your worker can give you 投資英文 more information.

Lifetime limit

Most parents with minor children only get cash help 投資英文 for a total of 60 months.


Families get a monthly benefit that 投資英文 includes cash and food assistance. Parents also get help to find and keep a job.

Employment services

  • Most people work with a job counselor to create an employment plan. If you are younger than 20 and 投資英文 have not completed high school or any equivalency program, you may need 投資英文 to finish your education. Your job counselor or social worker will help you make a plan to get your high school diploma or go to work.
  • You may get child care help while you are looking for work, going to school or working.

Cash and food assistance

Cash 投資英文 and food benefits are issued automatically through an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) 投資英文 card (DHS-6315) (PDF). Benefits change depending on your income. You are better off working when you are on MFIP. When you get a job, the first $65 you earn does not count. After that, half of 投資英文 投資英文 the rest of your earnings do not count in deciding the amount of your benefits.

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Make Malaysia Your Global Hub in Asia

Malaysia’s pro-business policies, progressive infrastructure and strong supply chains continue to 投資英文 attract investors.

Dynamic Skilled

Diverse in culture and knowledge, Malaysia's industry-ready talent is the foundation of our economic growth.

Future Forward

Opportunities arise as cutting-edge technology and Industry 4.0 adoption continue to drive Malaysia's economy.

Malaysia’s robust and diversified economy offers investors a multitude of opportunities within the Manufacturing and Services sectors…

Main engine of Malaysia’s economic growth with forward and backward industrial linkages and enabler of Industry 4.0

Ever expanding sector with an increasing focus on high technology, providing competitive advantages for other industries

Setting Up Business

It’s easy to do business in Malaysia. Here are some key guidelines for you to kick-start your business ventures in Malaysia.

business facilitation new

Foreign and domestic investors can enjoy MIDA’s ongoing support via its dedicated facilities and services.

MIDA, Your Strategic Investment Partner

With more than 50 years of track record in building the nation, MIDA works hand-in-hand with investors to unlock investment opportunities and facilitate a seamless investment journey in Malaysia. MIDA handholds investors right from their initial enquiries until the realisation of their projects.

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