Natural Dyeing & Printing Course

Rs 4800/head | Always been interested in Herbal Dyeing but intimidated by the idea of cooking herbs for hours and not knowing what colour you will eventually end up with? Trying to figure out how to get a natural dyed fabric that is even colored and wearable? This workshop is for you! Doing Natural Dyeing using Indian herbs doesn’t have to be cumbersome and complicated.

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Visiting us: Field Tours

MakersLoft has opened its doors to institutions for field tours – to give their students or employees exposure to 21st century tools and technologies that are changing how things are being manufactured in modern times. Continue reading “Visiting us: Field Tours”


“MakersLoft is a one of its kind innovation space for the city of Kolkata. What i simply love about MakersLoft is its diverse set of activities which is versatile enough for every age group. The makerspace in Ballygunge is an Invention Hub for budding entrepreneurs and creation space for art lovers.
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Graphiti The Telegraph Magazine

Date: 13th March 2016 Continue reading “Graphiti The Telegraph Magazine”

Design Thinking Workshop for 12-18 yr old

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a learning method that develops a student’s creative confidence and resilience that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of 21st century. It is a structured process that is used by the biggest inventors and innovative companies in the world. Continue reading “Design Thinking Workshop for 12-18 yr old”

World Robotics Olympiad 2016 – Nationals

We are proud to share that MakersLoft student teams have stood 1st and 2nd in the Elementary category in World Robotics Olympiad 2016  regionals in Kolkata, qualifying for the Nationals. Teams “MakersLoft Black Scorpions” and “MakersLoft Reptars” consisting of students of classes 6 and 7 from Calcutta International School, Lakshmipat Singhania and La Martinere for Boys scored a perfect 100 in the regionals.
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Celebrating a year with MakersLoft Kids! (Video)

It’s been a year since we opened our doors to kids and what a journey it has been!

Tinkering Fundamentals Course

MakersLoft’s ‘Tinkering Fundamentals’ course aims to help children develop hands-on skills that are quintessential in everyday life but are not covered under formal education. You can also call these ‘life skills’ that makes an independent and well-rounded person. Continue reading “Tinkering Fundamentals Course”

Batik using Natural Dyes

A traditional Bengali textile artist from Shantiniketan experiments with natural dyes, batik and Scandinavian designs at MakersLoft. To learn Natural Dyeing and Printing contact+91-8335075374 or email us at Continue reading “Batik using Natural Dyes”

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