3D scanning

3D Designing & 3D Printing Course

15 sessions | Rs 9600 | Learn how to make 3D designs and models with SketchUp. Get introduced to the world of 3D printing and turn your ideas into real objects.

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3D Printing workshop


Topics Covered:
* What is 3D Printing?
* Why you need know about 3D Printing?
* Learn how a 3D Printer works.
* What materials can be used for 3D printing?
* What are the applications of 3D printing?
* See a 3D Printer in action and get to touch and feel 3D printed objects.

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3D Scanning with Intel Real Sense

3d scanning.jpg

MakersLoft is proud to present “Skills for Tomorrow” a series of training and workshops on skills that will be required for tomorrow’s jobs and careers but are not covered (and sometimes not even considered) under the traditional education system and curriculum.

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