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Natural Dyeing and Block Printing


Always been interested in Herbal Dyeing but intimidated by the idea of cooking herbs for hours and not knowing what colour you will eventually end up with? Trying to figure out how to get a natural dyed fabric that is even colored and wearable? Continue reading “Natural Dyeing and Block Printing”


Block Printing Workshop with Natural Dyes: Heritage Edition

 Rs 1500/head | Combining Indian heritage with sustainable living, in this special edition we shall print textiles using wooden blocks of floral motifs from Ajanta & Ellora caves and natural dyes. Exclusively available at MakersLoft ONLY!!

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Natural Dye on Earth Day

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Discussion on Organic Dyeing of Textiles


A discussion at MakersLoft on organic and natural dyeing of textiles with Swarup Dutta, a practising scenographer having a formal training in the field of fashion and textiles and Arun Baid, the owner of Auraherbal wear, one of India’s first few ethical, certified organic brands with a carbon footprint close to zero.

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Natural Dyeing Colour Painting Competition


This Republic Day celebrate India tradition and heritage with chemical-free water colors made from Indian herbs and plants. Herbal colours and paper will be provided. Participants need to bring their own brushes and palette.

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